Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Zero Cost Electric Vehicle (EV) Level II charging

With the goal of ZERO cost after local utility incentives, state grants, and federal tax credits.  Our program offers companies Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations which you can choose from Level 3 DC Fast and/or Level 2 charging stations. We specialize in EV Charging Stations, LED Lighting, Solar and Battery Energy Storage management solutions to reduce and saving money on energy costs.  We are a national company with over 52 years’ experience addressing all the aspects of energy efficiency solutions for our commercial clients.

Are you considering an EVC or energy upgrades? 
What is the Process? 

If you are considering EV charging stations, we would discuss how we get the job done while leveraging rebates and tax credits to eliminate the cost.

Initial meeting we will help you determine whether or not your facility would be a good candidate through an Energy Analysis.

When we review our findings together, we will explain the proposed solutions and the benefits in terms of energy savings, tax advantages, etc. We will then outline the entire project scope, timeline, investment and estimated total savings.

Master electricians will install your new system and your UE energy efficiency expert will be available to ensure you understand the process. You will immediately realize the benefits of the system –in decreased energy usage, increased productivity, completed Tax Advantage documents, and lower monthly energy bills.

Optional Credit card transactions.  

EV charging stations range from single port level 2 to multi-port ultra-fast DC. The equipment incorporates secure technology for controlled remote access, easy programming, monitoring, and optional credit card transactions  

Deploying EV Charging Stations Across North America

Utah.Energy has partnered with industry manufacturing leader in manufacturing and deploying commercial-grade electric vehicle charging solutions. Together we have deployed over 17,000 EV charging stations in North America to customers in a range of applications that include multifamily, development, office, retail, corporation, hotel/resort, hospital, university, public parking, and government organization.  These are product-focused solutions with lifetime service and support.