Solar Power

As the solar industry continues to grow, many organizations are becoming more interested in the electric savings, rebates, and tax benefits that solar energy can provide. With recent price drops, a solar array can now produce energy cheaper than retail rates, making economic sense for the end user.

As communities progress in establishing more sustainable growth, adding solar arrays to your rooftop, parking structures, and unused land will become a necessity. There is a standard 25 year warranty that will ensure your array produces long into the future, and the system will begin to put money back into your organization.

We can design and install solar panels & solar energy systems tailored to YOUR specific building’s needs. We are an experienced solar energy company that procures, engineers, and constructs solar energy systems.

We are also experts in solar financing. Utah.Energy’s solar expertise extends across the United States. We ensure affordable solar project funding by utilizing things like PACE financing, energy tax credits, rebates and more. Our energy financing analysts work hand in hand with your project managers, stakeholders, or any other member of your business to ensure the most effecting funding solutions possible.

Is solar right for your company? It’s important to consider if you have unblocked view of the sun during key hours.

You may qualify for full financing of a project. The majority of solar panels come with a 25 year long warranty, and paybacks are as short as 5 years.

Apart from the financial benefits of solar your company can alse derive marketing and public relations benefits. Going green is popular.